Axe Radio serves to benefit Acadia University, Acadia’s students, and the community of Wolfville by strengthening communication between Acadia and the community of Wolfville as well as inter-student communication. The radio strives to provide a supplemental outlet for free artistic, cultural, and socio-political expression, entertainment, and discussion of controversial material within quality, thought-provoking programming in a manner conducive to free thought and open debate. The radio can be tuned into online from anywhere on or off campus! Any campus or community member is invited to create their own show or help out at any time during the year. The views and opinions expressed on Axe Radio do not necessarily reflect those of the organization or the ASU as a whole and belong to the host of the show.

Executive Team

Gwen Raffo - Director

Hey! My name is Gwen (she/they) and I'm the Director of Axe Radio this year! I'm a second-year history major. I was the host of Radio Scramble last year and I'm pumped to do even more with the radio this year. If I'm not doing radio stuff, I'm probably listening to music or making brooms. If you see me on campus, feel free to flag me down and talk to me about all things radio!

Thomas Connor - Director of Operations

Hi, I'm Thomas, I'm the Director of Operations for Axe Radio. I'm a first-year Computer Science student with my electives in the arts. I just moved to this coast from the Pacific. I play percussion and love any type of music. Come say hi and chat about the radio anytime you see me around Acadia!

Karis Johnson - Music Coordinator

Hi, I’m Karis, and I’m the Music Coordinator this year for Axe Radio! I’m a second-year here at Acadia, and it’s my first year working with the radio! When I’m not working at the Athenaeum or here at Axe, you’ll be able to find me listening to music, or at a live show, or writing! If you ever have any suggestions for what you’d like on the radio or have that one song that you just need to hear on there, feel free to track me down and we’ll make it happen!

Mark Gallant - Technology Coordinator

Hello! I'm Mark Gallant, the Technology Coordinator of Axe Radio. I am now in my second year; in my first, I helped out with Axe Radio, and during the Winter semester, I started co-hosting a show with Teddy Chisolm - Resonant Frequency. When I'm not in the radio room, I can be found reading, going for walks around Wolfville, completing my numerous assignments, or partaking in music, by playing, writing, listening, or occasionally all at once!

Isabel Drouin - Social Media Coordinator

My name is Isabel Drouin (she/her) and I am the Social Media Coordinator for the Axe Radio! A little bit about me, I am from Vancouver British Columbia and am a second year history student. I am also a section editor for the Athenaeum and finance executive of the French club! You will either find me in the KCIC working on homework or down in one of the many coffee shops around town (though I personally think the best is Just Us). I love music, and it has been something that has connected me not only to my family, but my great community as well. Feel free to say hi if you see me around and I look forward to engaging with everyone on our many social medias!

Jade Beaupré - Financial Coordinator

Hi :) My name is Jade and I will be the financial coordinator for the radio this year. I am an education student with a passion for plants, arts, and culture. I love listening to music, hiking out in nature, and hanging out with my cat Mr. Pebbles. Please talk to me about surrealism, revolutionary feminism, or mycology!

Colin Bridge - Events Coordinator

Hello! I'm Colin, a second-year History major returning to Axe Radio excited to help out on the exec team as Events Coordinator. Last year, I hosted Shepard Tone Radio and will be returning to the air to play everything from Maritime Folk to Norwegian Black Metal, and look forward to helping out with the radio in any way possible in my role this year. I'll be reaching out to organize events and collaborations, feel free to reach out to me if you have any ideas or question!

Benji Morris - Promotions and Public Outreach Coordinator

My name is Benji (he/him). I'm a 4th-year history student, musician, and former record store clerk. I host the show Eclecticos, where each week I play selections from a specific artist or genre. I'm also a huge film enthusiast and can often be found watching old noirs and westerns.